Zylkene® Equine Calming Apple Flavored Powder


Zylkene® Equine Calming and Behavior Support Apple Flavored Powder for Horses

All-Natural Calming and Behavior Supplement

Zylkene® Equine Calming and Behavior Support is a proven calming and behavior supplement that is all-natural, lactose and preservative-free, and non-drowsy.  Perfect to use before exposing your horse to a stressful event or situation including trips including competition, traveling, moving to a new stable, trail rides, loud noises, etc.

  • The only veterinary supplement formulated with alpha-casozepine, a natural cow’s milk protein known to effectively help relax horses and ponies.
  • Non-drowsy formula provides a sense of calm while maintain mental alertness, without tranquilizing or sedating effects.
  • Perfect to use for all stressful situations your horse may encounter, on or off the farm, and is backed by research for behavior management.
  • Free of lactose and preservatives, so it’s ideal for horses with sensitives; chosen by veterinarians and dog behaviorists for short-term or long-term use.
  • Easy to give once daily at meal time, with an apple flavor that most horses love.