Zylkene® Calming Capsules 225mg. for Medium Size Dogs



Zylkene® Calming and Behavior Support 225 mg. Capsules for Dogs

All-Natural Calming and Behavior Supplement

For Medium Size Dogs from 22 - 65 lbs.

Zylkene® Calming Capsules is a proven calming and behavior supplement that is all-natural, lactose and preservative-free, and non-drowsy.  Perfect to use before exposing your dog to a stressful event or situation including trips to the vet, moving, traveling, introduction of new pet, loud noises, etc.

  • Unique formula made with alpha-casozepine, a natural ingredient from cow’s milk with calming properties
  • Non-drowsy formula provides a sense of calm and contentment without tranquilizing or sedating your dog
  • Perfect to use before or during stressful situations, including moving, adapting to new people or new places, traveling, vet visits, and for behavior training
  • Free of lactose and preservatives, so it’s ideal for pets with digestive tract sensitivities
  • Recommended by veterinarians and animal behaviorists
  • Formula comes in 225 mg capsules that can be given by mouth, or opened and mixed with a meal
Zylkene® Behavior Support Capsules Medium Size Dog Supplement 225 mg. The non-drowsy formula uses alpha-casozepine, a natural ingredient found in cow’s milk, to help balance the stress reactions of dogs and cats safely and with no tranquilizing or sedating effects. Milk-sourced alpha-casozepine is known to promote relaxation in babies, and it works in a similar way for your pet, giving them a sense of comfort and contentment that helps them to cope with stress or adapt to new situations. Works well for most pet stressors including loud noises, visits to the vet or groomer, as well as unfamiliar people and places. Plus, it’s free of lactose and preservatives, making it ideal for dogs with GI tract sensitivities.