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Y-Tex Corporation

Y-Tex Ultra Tagger® Ear Tag Applicator

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Y-Tex Ultra Tagger® Plus Ear Tag Applicator 

Blue Ultra Tagger for 2 Piece Tags - Designed not to Pinch

The Y-Tex Ultra Tagger® is the most advanced hand application available for two-piece tags. Features space-age technology and materials. Constructed of reinforced, high-tech engineered thermoplastics and close precision metal parts for outstanding durability and corrosion resistance. Straight-line application, with a super-strong nickel-plated applicator pin won’t bend or break. The UltraTagger is designed with a wide-open throat that never pinches the animal’s ear. For use with:  Y-Tex All-American ear tags, Y-Tex RFID tags, and Y-Tex insecticide tags. 

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