Vigor™ Green Liniment and Body Brace Power Wash by Healthy HairCare®

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Vigor™ Power Wash Green Liniment and Body Brace 

Horse Liniment with Hose Sprayer Attachment

Up to 10 Washes in Each Bottle

by Healthy HairCare®

Vigor™ Power Wash Green Liniment and Body Brace is the perfect product to use after an intense workout.  This aromatic formula combines a gentle soap with green liniment. Made from natural ingredients, Vigor™ helps to invigorate the skin and alleviate sore muscles with a unique combination of environmentally-safe ingredients including Green Soap, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of Wintergreen, Oil of Cedarwood, Oil of Rosemary, Oil of Thyme, and Juniper Oil.

The Healthy HairCare® Vigor™ Power Wash System includes a powerful, easy to use spray nozzle that allows users to wash, then rinse at the turn of a switch. The delivery system draws and delivers at a preset dilution ratio for the perfect wash each time.

The 32 oz. size will wash up to 10 washes on an average sized horse.