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Vetrolin® White N Brite™ Purple Shampoo for Horses and Dogs

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Vetrolin® White N Brite™ Shampoo

for Horses and Dogs

New bottle design is easier to grasp with wet hands

Whitens white areas, plus imparts a beautiful luster to colored coats

Vetrolin® White N Brite™ Shampoo is a super rich shampoo formulation that is designed to enhance any coat color.  Contains Optical Brighteners that bring out the brilliance in white and light colored coats.  Deepens the color of darker coat colors.  Great for whitening the mane, tail and socks as well.  Works well on dogs of all colors.  

Contains coconut oil derivatives to moisturize and increase the absorption of the added optical brighteners. Works with either warm or cold water to remove the worst stains. Leaves mane, tail and coat with a healthy glow.  Only sold in cases of 6. 

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