VetOne® Natural Psyllium Pellets Apple and Molasses Flavor for Horses

By Farnam


VetOne® Natural Psyllium Pellets for Horses

Apple and Molasses Flavor 

4 Sizes Available -

     5 lb. (16 Day Supply)

   10 lb. (32 Day Supply)

   20 lb. (64 Day Supply)

   40 lb. (128 Day Supply)

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Apple- and molasses-flavored natural psyllium pellets have a high swell volume and are easy to administer—horses love the taste. Recommended to support healthy gut function, remove sand from the colon, and help reduce the possibility of sand colic in horses. Recommended administration is 1 to 1.5 scoops daily for one full week (7 days) out of every month (5.2-oz. scoop included).