Ulc-R-Aid® with Colostrashield Ulcer Supplement for Horses

By AniMed

Ulc-R-Aid® with Colostrashield™

Ulcer Supplement for Horses

4 lb. Size

Ulc-R-Aid® with Colostrashield™ was developed to help nutritionally support horses of all ages suffering from gastric ulcers.  Ulc-R-Aid® combines the natural supplements Calcium and Magnesium, commonly known as antacids, with Colostrashield™, an all-natural substitute to pharmaceuticals and antibiotics with virtually no side effects.  Colostrashield™ is comprised of 37 essential immune factors and more than 8 growth factors that nutritionally aid in fighting illness by helping to protect against infection.  The 8 growth factors work to help repair the damage caused by disease and stress. Contains 500mg l-Tryptophan, 500mg Thiamine, 20mg Calcium, and 2.5mg Magnesium per ounce.