Tuff Stuff® Clear Hoof Sealant by Delta Mustad

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By Mustad

Tuff Stuff® Clear Hoof Sealant

by Delta Mustad

Tuff Stuff is a hoof toughener and conditioner formulated to strengthen brittle, shelly, soft, or cracked hooves.  Protects scuffed toes, and helps to guard against fungus, caustics, and bacteria.  Tuff Stuff is also a show quality cosmetic which imparts a clear, somewhat shiny appearance to the hooves.

Tuff Stuff® is so effective that after treating an egg with it, you can drive a nail through without cracking the shell.

- Strengthen brittle, shelly, mushy, or cracked hoof walls
- Protect scuffed toes
- Guard against fungus, caustics, and bacteria
- Maintain hoof wall’s natural moisture

Made in the USA

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Favorite Features

  • Will not wear away after application.
  • More effective than oil-based products that actually block moisture absorption.
  • Tuff Stuff® is an acetone-based application with a cellulose bonding agent that moisturizes the hoof from the inside out.