Tech Dry™ Drying Powder for Livestock and Facilities 40 lb.

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Tech Dry™ Drying Agent Powder with Essential Oils 

Helps to keep wet areas in livestock facilities fresher and cleaner

40 lb. Bags

Tech Dry™ is a multi-functional product that is designed to help dry newborn animals (calves, foals, pigs, sheep and goats), and also keeps pens, walkways, a facilities clean, dry, and smelling fresh.  This powdered formula is infused with essential oils that are kind to the animal's skin, and helps to keep wet areas in livestock facilities smelling fresh. 

May be used directly on the newborn animal to help dry them, which helps the animal to stay warmer.  The first moments of life are critical to the newborn's overall well-being. Newborns have little energy reserves, which is easily wasted when they shiver due to being cold. Drying the newborn immediately after birth is key to providing  an optimal start to life, along with establishing a dry, healthy environment. Tech Dry™ is a high-quality drying agent that reduces the potential growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus.  

  • Helps to dry newborn calves, foals, pets, and small livestock
  • Reduces growth of bacteria, mold and fungus from scours and urination
  • Has a pleasant fragrance to keep facilities smelling clean and fresh
  • Absorbs more than it's weight in water
  • Use on comfort mats, stall mats, and flooring
  • Use in animal housing to reduce environmental moisture
  • Use in wet areas to help reduce moisture in walkways

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