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Swine Nutri-Drench® Premium Vitamin and Energy Supplement

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Swine Nutri-Drench®

Premium Vitamin and Energy Supplement

For newborns and all swine under stress

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Premium liquid supplement contains vitamins A, D and E; minerals, amino acids and glucose for immediate energy support.

Energizes weak newborns, stimulates appetite, maximizes vaccine response, balances immune system, and gives quick energy for show. 99% retention of critical nutrients during scours. The first and only oral supplement to absorb from the stomach directly into the bloodstream in minutes.

Feed directly in mouth.

  • Energizes weak newborns

  • Stimulates appetite

  • Corrects diarrhea

  • Maximizes antibiotic/vaccine response

  • Balances immune system

  • Quick energy for show.

  • Superior, nutrient-rich, high-energy support

  • No digestion required – immediate nutrient balance

  • Delivers all vital nutrients to restore the immune system in minutes


To survive, pigs must have strength to stand and nurse quickly. Nutri-Drench energizes weak newborns & promotes aggressive nursing. Nutri-Drench does not interfere with colostrum because it is absorbed to the bloodstream before reaching the intestines. Administer to all pigs for a strong start.

Energy level is low because the intestinal tract is inflamed and limits nutrients utilized through digestion. Nutri-Drench does not require digestion. It shunts to the bloodstream before reaching intestines with 99% utilization.

During disease, in addition to going off feed, temperature increases normal energy needs by 40% – 50%, resulting in ketosis. Nutri-Drench quickly satisfies increased demands and returns normal nutrient balance.

Most antibiotic or limited response to vaccine is the result of low blood glucose. Nutri-Drench elevates blood glucose in minutes. Administer approximately 15-20 minutes prior to antibiotic or vaccine.

Any change of environment creates stress which causes an increased need for nutrients. Nutri-Drench quickly delivers replacement nutrition to return normal balance.

Directions for use:


Newborns – 4 ml at birth;

Adults – 30 ml per 100 lbs body weight. 1 pump = 2 ml.

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