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Succeed® Granules for Horses DCP Digestive Conditioning Program

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Succeed® Granules for Horses Digestive Conditioning Program (DCP)

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The SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program uses a proprietary combination of key nutrients that are designed to help horses maintain healthy gut function and optimal nutrient absorption.  SUCCEED® Granules contains the following ingredients:

  • Oat Oil - Rich in Polar Lipids which are vegetable fat molecules that strengthen the tight junctions between enterocytes, the intestinal cells responsible for nutrient absorption.
  • Oat Flour - Rich in Beta Glucan, a soluble fiber that provides support for a healthy immune system. Helps with nutrient absorption and can help prevent undigested starch from reaching the hindgut.
  • Yeast Products - Rich in MOS - two different extracts of yeast that help to maintain the healthy and balance of the hindgut
  • L-Glutamine an amino acid that provides fuel to muscles and supports the immune cells in the lining of the gut
  • L-Theronine is another amino acid that supports production of mucin, a necessary component of mucus that lubricates the GI tract lining.

SUCCEED® Granules are a highly palatable top dress for horses.  The SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program provides a simple program for managing a horse’s appearance, temperament and performance. Feeding SUCCEED® once a day, every day, gives the horse nutrients that specifically support a sound gut, optimal nutrient absorption, and effective energy conversion.  Also available in an easy to administer paste.  

SUCCEED® granules are easy to feed and highly palatable.  Simply add to the horse's regular grain ration. Use SUCCEED® granules twice daily during first week of use, once daily thereafter.

SUCCEED has thousands of excellent reviews online. For more information on the Succeed line of products visit:

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