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Strong Animals

Stand Strong® for Ruminants by Strong Animals

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Stand Strong® for Ruminants Feed Supplement

50 lb. Bag  

Stand Strong for Ruminants is a next-generation feed additive that protects feed quality, releases more energy from feed, and strengthens immunity for healthy cows and healthy dairies.

  • Stimulates rumen function to break down fiber and release more energy from feed
  • Strengthens protective barriers like the gut wall. Reduces pathogen load resulting in less energy used fighting challenges and more energy in production

Enhance Health and Release Energy

Stand Strong™ for Ruminants is the perfect addition to extract more energy from feed and simultaneously help maintain health and vitality on a daily basis.


  • Helps maintain consistent feed intakes 

  • Helps release more energy from feedstuffs

  • Improves performance through maintaining health during daily production stressors 


  • Microbial Catalyst® Technology 

  • Custom Blend of Essential Oils


Feed 1 gram per 100 lbs. of body weight continuously. Feed 2 grams per 100 lbs. of body weight during times of stress.

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