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Diamond V

SmartCare®All-Natural Antioxidant Formula for Calves

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SmartCare® All-Natural Antioxidant Formula for Calves

Pre-Weaning Gastrointestinal & Antioxidant Supplement 

Natural supplement for use with all types of pre-weaning liquid calf diets to promote gut health and productivity. The DV Bioactives™ in SmartCare help promote a healthy balance of beneficial gastrointestinal microflora, while the antioxidant activity supports immune function. Can be combined and fed with commercially available milk replacers or whole milk. 

Contains yeast culture (saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and the media on which it has grown, consisting of cane molasses), min 27% crude protein, min 0.5% crude fat, max 1% crude fiber and max 21% ash.

Directions: Designed for pre-weaning liquid calf diets (milk replacer/pasteurized milk). Feed 1 gram per calf per day, mixed in milk replacer or whole milk. When preparing large batches, keep mixture agitated while dispensing to prevent settling. 

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