Silverado™ Coat Gloss Hair Polish by Healthy HairCare®

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Silverado™ Coat Gloss Hair Polish

by Healthy HairCare®

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Silverado™ Coat Gloss Hair Polish is one of the top grooming aids to add sheen to your horse's coat.  Pre-mixed and ready to use, this hair polish spray protects the hair and also helps to lightly condition the coat, mane and tail.

Silverado™ Coat Gloss Hair Polish produces a beautiful show ring - ready shine.  Our unique formula helps to repel dust and dirt, plus makes stains from grass, urine, leather, and manure much easier to remove.   Use immediately after bathing, or use on dry coats.

To use after bathing:  Wash and rinse horse.  After final rinse, squeege the coat with a sweat scraper to remove excess water.  Thoroughly spray your horse’s coat, mane and tail with Silverado™ Coat Gloss. Most prefer to comb/detangle the tail first.  Then brush the horse lightly with a clean, soft brush to work product into the hair coat.

Once the product is worked into the coat, mane, and tail, lightly mist the entire horse one more time. 

Also works on dry coats to add an extra layer of shine to the mane and tail. 

Safety precaution:  Avoid using this product on the areas where the saddle and girth will sit.  May cause slipping of saddle.  Also avoid using this product on areas where the bridle or halter will sit.  May cause slippage.