Red Cell® Pellets Iron Rich Vitamin Supplement for Horses

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By Farnam

Red Cell® Pellets 

Iron Rich Vitamin, Iron and Mineral Supplement for Horses  

  • The "industry standard" vitamin-mineral supplement for fueling champion horses
  • Contains 300 mg. of chelated iron per ounce
  • Potent, reliable and homogenized for maximum consistency
  • Yucca flavoring for added palatability
  • Highly Palatable

Benefits of Feeding Red Cell

  • Recommended by Top Veterinarians, Racehorse Trainers, Barrel Horse Trainers and Showmen
  • This Iron Rich Formula includes key Vitamins, Minerals, Selenium and Biotin to support the horse's entire system from the inside out
  • Helps to keep Speed Horses performing at top levels
  • Highly Palatable Formula - just add to feed
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Contributes to a healthy, shiny hair coat