Lifeline® Rescue™ 150g High Level Colostrum Replacer for Beef or Dairy Calves

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Lifeline® Rescue™ 150g High Level Colostrum Replacer

for Beef and Dairy Calves

150g IgG

Lifeline® Rescue™ 150 High-Level Colostrum Replacer provides complete colostrum support for newborn calves who have not received adequate maternal colostrum. This product is fed to calves within 24 hours of birth.  For best results, the manufacturer recommends administering Lifeline® Rescue™ as soon as possible after the birth of the calf.

Completely replaces maternal colostrum in a single feeding. High-Level immune support for newborn calves.

One feeding provides 150 grams of Globulin Protein Essential plus Nutrients Formulated especially for calves who have not received adequate maternal colostrum

The bovine serum-based formula mixes in approximately 60 seconds. Easy to feed - simply mix with warm water per the manufacturer's instructions.  May be administered  with a feeding bottle or esophageal feeder.

Nutritionally equivalent to maternal colostrum.

Information from the Lifeline® Rescue™ Website  

Lifeline® Rescue™ 150g High Level Colostrum Replacer completely replaces colostrum for newborn dairy and beef calves when maternal colostrum is unavailable or of poor quality. Rescue™ offers added nutritional support to calves experiencing stress by providing 150 grams of globulin protein, plus essential nutrients and energy needed for optimal health and performance. For best results, Rescue must be fed within the first 24 hours following birth. Feed to the calf in one feeding via nipple feeder or esophageal feeder as soon as possible following birth.

Newborn calves are particularly prone to disease because they are essentially defenseless against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in the environment. That is why newborn calves depend on receiving quality colostrum within the first 24 hours of life. Several factors affect the calf’s ability to absorb essential globulin proteins (IgG), such as: the quality of the colostrum, age at first feeding, level of stress, and exposure to bacterial contamination and weather. Health, Immunity, Pathogenic Exposure, Intestinal and respiratory infections are responsible for most morbidity and mortality in young calves. Health is a balance between the animal’s ability to resist disease causing pathogens and the level of pathogens in the calf’s environment. Therefore, when the calf’s ability to resist pathogens (immunity) is greater than the level of exposure, the calf is more likely to remain healthy.

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