Lifeline® Boost™ Colostrum Booster for Calves

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By Annuso


Lifeline® Boost™ 30g Dairy Maternal Colostrum Supplement

12 lb. Bucket (Feeds 24 Calves) 

Lifeline® Boost™ 30g is the only colostrum supplement that you mix directly into colostrum to provide instantly better nutrition to your calves. Feed Lifeline® Boost™ 30g to every newborn calf, or just when you aren’t sure about colostrum quality. Boost™ provides 30 grams of additional globulin protein that newborn calves need for optimal health and performance.

How to Use

Boost™ should be mixed directly into colostrum and given as the first feeding. Mix ½ pound of Boost™ with one gallon of warm colostrum. Stir until completely dissolved. Feed to the calf in one feeding via nipple feeder or esophageal feeder as soon as possible following birth. There is no need to warm colostrum that has just been milked from the cow. If colostrum has been refrigerated or frozen, it should be warmed to 105°F/40°C before adding Boost. 

For orders larger than (2) 12 lb. Pails, please contact us directly at 816-806-5999 talk or text.