HexArmor™ Hercules® Cut Resistant Heavy Duty Animal Handling Work Gloves 400R6E

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HexArmor™ Hercules® Heavy Duty Animal Handling/Farm Work Gloves

Sizes Medium, Large, XL, and XXL

The HexArmor™ Hercules® 400R6E Glove is no stranger to dangerous applications such as handling razor wire or protecting from animal bites. Gauntlet design and pre-curved shape for maximum comfort and protection.

The HexArmor™ Hercules® Heavy Duty Animal Handling Glove is designed for working cattle, working with tools and wire, building fence, and performing hundreds of ranch duties in very cold conditions. Manufactured by Hercules, a top manufacturer for cattle handling equipment, HexArmor Hercules® Work Gloves are designed to be warm, durable, cut and tear resistant, and feature reinforced palms and fingers to assist farmers and ranchers while working cattle in the most extreme conditions. 

The long, gauntlet style length helps to keep the hand and forearm warm while allowing a good range of motion.  Grippy palms and fingers help when using tools.  A must have for farmers and ranchers in frigid climates.  Also great for Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Workers to protect the hands and forearm area while working with sharp knives, preparing food, or working with the animals directly.  Machine washable. 

  • SuperFabric®* brand material palm provides 360° ANSI/ISEA cut level A9 resistance for some of the highest cut protection available in the industry (over entire hand)
  • Innovative industrial puncture protection over entire hand from wires, metal, wood, glass, and other puncture related hazards
  • Gauntlet design and pre-curved shape for maximum comfort and dexterity
  • Specialized silicone gripping surface on the palm
  • Launderable