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Full Bucket Health

Full Bucket® Equine Probiotic Paste

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Full Bucket®  Equine Probiotic Paste + Prebiotics and L-Glutamine

Developed by a veterinarian, and made with all-natural products, this probiotic is getting great reviews and is considered to be one of the best on the market.  

From the Manufacturer's Website

Horses are highly susceptible to digestive problems - especially performance horses. Their system is more complex because they have a stomach and a hind-gut. FullBucket's® Probiotic Paste was developed by veterinarians to remove the cause, eliminate the symptoms, and then rebuild and protect the microbiome in their patients.When a horse's microbiome gets disrupted, causing diarrhea, bloating or gas, it can lead to much worse problems such as colic or colitis.

And, because it works so well, this fast-acting probiotic with 100 Billion CFUs per serving, is now the #1 choice for veterinarians and Universities in the U.S.

Recommended dose is 1/3 tube per day for adult horses.  See label for complete feeding information.


The two MOST important factors when considering horse digestive care products:

1) The Right Ingredients - Saccharomyces boulardii, is the most researched and proven yeast probiotic strain in the world. It also has Prebiotic to help feed the microbiome, and L-Glutamine for a healthy intestinal lining.

2) The Perfect Concentration - If you don't have enough active ingredient, you won't get the desired effect. Our concentrations are the highest in the market.


100 Billion CFUs - our probiotic is 2,000% stronger than the competition.

Yeast Probiotic Strain - This means the probiotic is not affected by antibiotics and can be used in conjunction with an antibiotic program. Very important because antibiotics often cause diarrhea as they kill off ALL the microbial bacteria, both good & bad, during use.

Microencapsulated -  Protects the individual probiotic so it can survive gastric acids in the mouth, intestine and stomach and allows it to get to the hind-gut where it's needed to keep digestion functioning properly.

Lyophilized - Our horse probiotic is lyophilized for durability and optimal cell viability and has been shown to promote horse intestinal health in numerous publications.

Safe - As an all-natural solution, it can be used with confidence in Performance and with young and old horses.

Made with All-Natural ingredients.


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