First Pulse D® Oral Drench Colostrum Supplement for Baby Pigs


First Pulse D® Oral Drench

by Ralco Nutrition 

First Pulse D® is an oral drench colostrum supplement that helps to  stimulate and nourish disadvantaged baby pigs.  First Pulse D is a fast-acting formula designed to increase daily weight gain and help reduce mortality in baby pigs.

First Pulse D® Provides:

*  Colostrum extract to improve immunity and stimulate appetite

*  Prebiotic fiber to establish a balanced gut microflora

*  Highly available energy to promote vigor

*  Synergy Essence which provides an exclusive blend of essential oils including      oregano oil for antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties

Directions:  administer 2 ml orally each day to at-risk piglets.

May be administered in conjunction with PacifiED® to help support at risk piglets.

Package includes pump dispenser to deliver 2 ml per pump.