First Arrival® with Encrypt® Feed Supplement for Calves



First Arrival® with Encrypt® Feed Supplement for Calves 

Targeted Intestinal Support by DBC Ag Products

First Arrival® with Encrypt® is a fast-acting, safe and reliable feed supplement, engineered to enhance the immune system.  It targets 98% of the pathogens that cause scours and malnutrition, while providing beneficial bacteria at the same time. First Arrival® with Encrypt®, our exclusive trademarked organic carbon source is a targeted feed supplement specially formulated to help a newborn calf build a strong immune system. Its innovative formula provides Encrypt®, targeted egg proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid forming bacteria, and Vitamins A, D3 and E that better enable newborn calves to fight the pathogens that may cause scours and other diseases.

Even after feeding colostrum during the first 24 hours, calves have a severe immunity gap that makes them highly susceptible to diseases that cause scours.  That’s why First Arrival® with Encrypt® was developed. Our proprietary formula is a dark gray granular powder that is research backed and delivers the following key benefits that help avoid scours in newborn calves:

  • Encrypt aids in inhibiting growth of pathogens, including cryptosporidia, and absorbs harmful toxins
  • Targeted egg proteins concentrate on the most common digestive pathogens
  • Micro-encapsulation protects beneficial bacteria from stomach acid and bile
  • Dark gray powder serves as marker of passage and proper use
  • All natural ingredients require no withdrawal
  • Easy to use – buckets, bottles and hands clean up easily

Directions: Use for 14 days, beginning when calf is 24 hours old. First 2 days, 10 gram Powder per feeding twice daily. Days 3-14, 5 gram per feeding twice daily. If scours symptoms occur, dosage may be doubled. Mix with water, milk replacer, whole milk or colostrum. Feed at 101°F for best results. 5 gram scoop enclosed for individual dosing. 

Highly palatable, convenient Paste for individual administration when support is needed, any time and any place. Each gram Paste contains 6.8 million CFUs total lactic acid bacteria. 

Directions: Administer orally on back of tongue to calves over 24 hours old. Mild scours - 20 gm, Moderate scours - 40 gm, Severe scours - 60 gm. Repeat dosage as necessary.
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