Dynamint® White Udder Cream

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Dynamint® White Udder Cream

3 Sizes Available 

The good health of dairy cows is essential for peak milk production. That’s why many dairies use Dynamint Udder Cream.  Dynamint is a micro-emulsion cream comprised of essential oils including Calendula (Marigold), Peppermint, Tea Tree, and a Eucalyptus blend. The combination reduces udder edema (an excessive accumulation of fluid in extravascular spaces of the udder), and helps to decrease the occurence of mastitis.

Not only is Dynamint® a fast acting, inflammation - reducing formulation, it also costs 50 - 60% less than most competing brands. Dynamint is a great preventative solution to assist in maintaining a healthy udder in all cows.  Approved for organic dairies as well.