Dual Dry™ Dual Purpose Drying Agent for Pigs and Facilities 40 lb.

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DualDry™ Dual Purpose Drying Agent for Pigs and Facilities

Helps to Dry Newborn Pigs, and Helps to Keep Wet Areas in Facilities Fresher and Cleaner

40 lb. Bags

Dual Dry Piglet Drying Agent is used on newborn and pre-weaned pig as well as the surrounding environment to maintain crucial body warmth.
At birth, piglets are more prone to excessive heat loss due to their limited energy reserves and need to be warmed immediately. In addition, their surroundings need to provide warmth as well to ensure health and normal nursing functions.
Containing mineral absorbents, vegetable absorbents, Zinc & essential oils, Dual Dry swine drying agent is used immediately after birth when piglets are cold, wet or scouring by rubbing on newborn piglets vigorously from neck to tail until they are completely dry.
TechMix's Dual Dry, is a dual-purpose drying agent for both the environment and the young pig itself. The dark color of Dual Dry promotes absorption of radiant heat and increases the young pigs core body temperature.
Applying Dual Dry to the mats absorbs moisture limiting bacterial growth and produces energy savings with lower room temps needed due to higher mat temps.
The 40 lb bags help with biosecurity measures because a cart isn't necessary to move bag.

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