DryStart™ Drying Powder for Livestock Facilities 50 lb.

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DryStart™ Drying Powder for Livestock Facilities

Helps to keep wet areas in livestock facilities fresher and cleaner

50 lb. Bags

DryStart™ Drying Powder for Livestock is used on wet or damp areas weekly to help reduce odors and improve the overall health environment of your operation.
Research Studies have shown DryStart™ to be effective in reducing ammonia by 95% and reducing bacteria 3 times greater than other desiccants tested against it.

DryStart™ is an amazingly effective, hygienic, drying agent and deodorizer designed for a wide range of species and is used in all stages of pork production from farrowing and nursery barns straight through to finishing.

For Hog Farm use:

  • Farrowing/Dry Sows, Nursery/Grower/Finisher Units - Apply DryStart™ at 100 to 150 g/m² after the room is cleaned, before filling with pigs. Repeat as required.
  • Farrowing Crates/Pens - continue using DryStart™ daily at 50 g/m² for the first 7 days after farrowing. Repeat as required.

For Dairy/Cattle use:

  • Stalls and Pens - Apply DryStart™ at a rate of 100 g/m² on top of bedding. Repeat as required. 
  • Maternity Pens, Growing Pens, and Calf Hutches - Apply DryStart™ before bedding at the rate of 150 g/m². Repeat weekly or as required.

Using DryStart™ is an economical way to help create a better health environment for your livestock and staff. 

Also for use in Livestock Trailers, Horse Barns and Trailers, Poultry Housing and for Goat Habitats.  This product is not recommended for use in Sheep barns.  Please see label for full use directions, limitations,  and warnings.