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Dairy & Beef Nutri-Drench® Premium Vitamin and Energy Supplement

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Dairy & Beef Nutri-Drench®

Premium Vitamin and Energy Supplement

For newborns and all bovines under stress.

Aids in the prevention of antibiotic failure and the correction of ketosis. Also helps in the hardiness and survivability of scouring calves. Nutri-Drench for Cattle is measurable in the bloodstream in 10 minutes and 50% is absorbed within 30 minutes.  

  • Energy boost for newborns
  • Ketotic cows go on feed fast
  • Enables the scouring calf to assimilate critical nutrients
  • More milk production
  • Less disease, treatment and death
  • No withholding


  • Newborns: 4cc at birth. Administer to all newborns for a strong start.
  • Adults: 1 fl oz (30cc) per 100 pounds body weight.
  • Maximum of 1 treatment every 8 hours as needed
  • Administer 15-20 minutes prior to antibiotic or vaccine to maximize the uptake
  • Administer 30-45 minutes prior to show/competition.

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