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Full Bucket Health

Full Bucket® Equine Probiotic Pellets 30 Serving or 150 Serving

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Full Bucket®  Equine Probiotic Pellets - Extra Strength

Developed by a veterinarian, this probiotic is University tested, is getting great reviews, and is considered to be one of the best Gut Health products on the market.

Compare to Succeed® and Succeed VF®

From the Manufacturer's Website:


It took several years to perfect our Probiotic Pellets.

The pelleting process requires heat - and heat kills probiotics. (All pelleted horse feeds are required to go through heat exposure above 200 degrees to kill salmonella. If your feed claims to have probiotic, they are no longer alive and able to work).

This means you MUST use a supplement if you want your horse to have the benefits of probiotic.

So... how did we do it?

First - We discovered a pelleting process that utilizes a cooler method than others which allowed the probiotic to survive.

Then - We already microencapsulated our probiotic to provide extra protection during transport and the gastric acids, this proved to also help the probiotic survive the pelleting process.

Finally - We also lyophilize the probiotic strain, which is a dehydration process to keep the probiotic alive until it's exposed to the moisture in gastric juices of the hind gut. And this combination means that your horse receives the healing goodness of the probiotic when finally given.


  • Probiotic - Saccharomyces boulardii, the most researched and proven yeast based strain of probiotic for use in horses.
  • Prebiotic - Also known as MOS, is food for your horse's natural microbes to get them back on their feet and fighting bad pathogens.
  • L-Glutamine - An amino acid that the intestinal lining uses for health and reduce inflammation of the gut wall.
  • 100% Natural Alfalfa Meal - A natural flavor horses love.


  • Weanlings & Yearlings: 1/2 or 1 scoop a day on feed, or as directed by veterinarian.
  • Adult & Older Horses: 1 or 2 scoops a day on feed, or as directed by veterinarian.
  • Mares: 1 or 2 scoops a day on feed started 45 days prior to foaling, or as directed by veterinarian.
  • Foals: Use Probiotic Paste or Foal Probiotic.

- Results vary but we recommend to allow at least 4 weeks of consistent use.


  • During Antibiotic Use
  • Stress from Performance, Training & Travel
  • Recovery from Surgery or Illness
  • Chronic Digestive Issues - Colic, Ulcers, Colitis
  • Mares preparing to foal
  • Kick Start the Immune Functions


Highly Concentrated – 50 Billion CFUs (200% stronger than second leading brand).

Unique Formula – Balance the microbiome, Feed the Microflora, Reduce Inflammation, Stabilize the Hind-Gut.

Palatable - Horses love the natural pellet flavor.

Prebiotics - Feeds good microbes which improves the digestive process.


  • Immune System Support
  • Digestive Support
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Healthier Coat, Mane, Tail and Skin
  • Allergy Support
  • Help Senior Horse Digestion
  • Reproductive & Fertility Support*

*Studies support the benefits of using S. boulardii on mares before & during foaling. Evidence shows an increase in the quantity and quality of colostrum in addition to keeping the mare in optimal health during the stressful foaling period.

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