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UlcerGard® Omeprazole for Horses 4 Dose Tube by Merial

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UlcerGard®  Omeprazole for Horses

Helps to protect from and treat ulcers and EGUS 

Wherever there is stress, there can be ulcers.

Simply transporting your horse to and from a horse show, feeding him twice a day or giving him light exercise could be enough to develop ulcers.  Ulcers can happen in as little as 5 days.

Stomach ulcers, also known as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), are sores on the stomach wall caused by excess acid. Ulcers and EGUS can keep horses from performing their best and can cause lasting damage to the stomach lining.

You can keep your horse from becoming a statistic with ULCERGARD® (omeprazole) and GASTROGARD® (omeprazole) – the only proven and FDA-approved products for equine stomach ulcers.  UlcerGard® helps to prevent ulcer formation and helps to treat existing ulcers.

Keep your performance horse in top condition with the help of UlcerGard®.   

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