OB Chain Strap 52" with 12" Center Chain by Springer Magrath

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OB Chain Strap with Center Chain

Compatible with most Calf Pullers 

Features of the Springer Magrath OB Chain Strap:

• OB Strap measures 1" wide x 52" long (40" Nylon with 12" Chain Insert)
• Zinc plated chains are designed to resist rust formation 
  with proper care and cleaning
• Compatible with most calf pullers

• 1" Wide strap is designed to be easier on both calf and cow
Springer Magrath Obstetrical Straps are designed to be easier on both cow and calf than full OB chains. The 1-inch wide strap helps to spread pulling tension over a wider area of the calf's legs to help prevent bone fractures and soft-tissue injury. Made of soft yet sturdy washable nylon webbing with stainless-steel D rings and a 12-inch chain insert. Bright teal color that is easy to find. May be used with or without a mechanical tension device. Nylon OB Straps are also available without the chain insert in both 30" and 60" lengths.