Rain Maker® Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner 32 oz.

$30.95 $37.88
By Farnam

Rain Maker® Triple Action Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner

32 oz. with Brush

Attracts, Absorbs and Retains Moisture 

One of the best hoof moisturizers on the market, Rain Maker® Triple Action Hoof Conditioner features a unique formula that attracts, absorbs, and retains moisture.  Includes neatsfoot oil, white petrolatum, and glycerine, plus ingredients like pine tar, lanolin, and aloe vera oil to help moisturize and support strong hooves.

  • Fatty Acid Esters absorb and carry moisture deep within the hoof
  • Aloe Vera Oil penetrates deep to help keep hoofs healthy looking
  • Helps prevent painful problems like cracks, splits and contracted heels
  • Enhances color and sheen