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Ralco Nutrition

DE-Lyte™ Weaning Solution for Swine by Ralco® Nutrition

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DE-Lyte™ Weaning Solution

Eases weaning transitions by providing Prebiotics, Electrolytes, Fiber and Vitamins D & E for young pigs.


Weaned pigs keep eating and drinking when DE-Lyte™ is added to drinking water.  This time tested solution includes essential prebiotics, electrolytes, fiber and Vitamins D & E.


    • Promotes intake of feed and water
    • Helps to avoid off-feed events
    • Easy to use - simply add to water
    • Highly effective at decreasing weaning stress
    • Natural vitamin E is twice as available as synthetic
    • ActiFibe® Patented Fiber and Prebiotics promotes beneficial flora in gut to ease digestion
    • Vitamins D & E help to promote healthy bones, skin and vigor
    • Electrolytes help to overcome dehydration
    • Water Acidifier significantly lowers gut pH

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