Finish Line™ Performance Builder™ Supplement for Horses


Performance Builder™ Supplement for Horses

by Finish Line™ Products

  • Supports muscle development and function in the performance horse
  • Contains natural active ingredients like spinach and pea protein
  • Not a steroid—safe for use in weanlings and older
  • Formula was carefully developed over a 3-year period
  • Will not change your horse’s temperament

Finish Line™ Performance Builder™ helps to support muscle development and function in performance horses. Carefully developed over a three-year period, this formula is not a steroid and is safe for horses aged weanling and older. This product contains only ingredients that support healthy muscle development in the horse, such as spinach, pea protein and L-leucine, so you can feed it with confidence. It won’t change your horse’s temperament.  Most users report significant changes in their horse’s physical appearance in 2 - 4 weeks. Easy to use, simply top dress on the horse's grain.  The butterscotch flavor seems to appeal to even the pickiest eater. Perfect for Show Horses or Sale Prospects.