Colostrx® CS Colostrum Supplement

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Colostrx® CS Colostrum Supplement for Calves

for Beef and Dairy Calves

Contains 50 grams IgG, USDA Vet-Bio to aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity in newborn calves. Made from whole bovine colostrum to boost calf immunity and energy when maternal colostrum is limited or low quality. Provides easily absorbed IgG to help calves develop a strong immune system. Also provides colostral fat to help calves stay warm in extreme weather. Feed within the first 2 hours of life to maximize absorption. One 350g bag equals one dose of Colostrx® CS Colostrum Supplement.

Colostrx® CS is recommended as an aid for newborn calves to supplement maternal colostrum. Colostrum provides important nutrients that are critical to the immune system health of newborn calves. CS is designed to supplement the cow's colostrum and acts as a booster to the immune system of the calf.  

Colostrx CS is for use as a supplement to maternal colostrum when assurance of added immunity is desired or when the quality or quantity of maternal colostrum is unsure. USDA licensed for the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer of immunity and aid prevention of death associated with E.coli K99. 

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