Save-A-Calf® Sliding Yoke Cable Calf Snare


Save-A-Calf Calf Snare

by Ideal Instruments Inc.

The Save-A-Calf Calf Snare is designed to assist with difficult calvings.  Should be used with calf pullers made by Ideal Instruments that utilize Ideal’s OB handle, including the Calf-Eze and Dr. Frank’s Calf Pullers. May also work with other models of calf pullers.

Features Include

  • Designed to assist with difficult calvings
  • Has a metal thimble for use with the Ideal's Calf Puller OB handle. 
  • Fabricated from high grade aircraft steel cable
  • Sliding yoke allows the snare loop to easily be made larger or smaller

    Disclaimer:  Calf pulling instruments are designed for veterinary use only.  Please consult a veterinarian any time that assistance is needed during calving.