Calf Perk® Energy Supplement for Newborn Calves by TechMix

By TechMix


Calf Perk® Natural Energy Supplement for Newborn Calves

Two Sizes Available

(15) 15ml Tubes or

(60) 15ml Tubes

Birth is a stressful time for calves.  Difficult births and calving into cold environments add to that stress. It is critical to get these calves on their feet and eating. Calf Perk® is an easy to use, immediate energy boost for newborn calves that naturally increases body temperature and respiration rates to perk them up. Formulated with the help of industry experts, Calf Perk’s unique formulation ensures rapid absorption, maximizing its effect. Calf Perk® gives newborn calves the boost they need. 

Calf Perk® contains naturally-occurring caffeine from green tea extract as it's active ingredient. This means that Calf Perk meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) criteria that prohibits the inclusion of synthetic caffeine in animal supplements. The Calf Perk patent includes utilization of concentrated, naturally-occurring caffeine in a stable preparation and the unique viscosity of the product. The result is a single, liquid dose which effectively and rapidly absorbs through the oral mucosal lining.


  • Quick absorbing and fast acting
  • Formulated specifically for calves
  • Enhances calf vigor and suckle reflex
  • High adherence allows for oral absorption
  • Shelf stable in a broad temperature range


  • Newborn calves that need a boost
  • After a difficult birth
  • During cold temperatures
  • Depressed or lethargic received calves