BlueLite® Bovine Electrolytes for Cattle by TechMix

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By TechMix


Bluelite® Bovine Electrolytes

Available in 2 lb. and 6 lb. Powder or 50 lb. Pellets

Add to Grain or Water

Hydration is the key component to maintain the best health of your herd. For over twenty years, Bovine BlueLite® has been the first choice for cattle in the feedyard to provide specific electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and essential vitamins and nutrients. Decades of field studies have shown that Bovine BlueLite® is an effective way to ensure that cattle maintain body weight and dry matter intakes as well as water intake. An easy-to-feed electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite® is very palatable, buffered, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed during periods of dehydration.

Bovine BlueLite® maintains hydration in times of stress, such as upon arrival to feedlots, during periods of heat stress, and prior to shipping. When cattle suffer from dehydration, potassium is the first electrolyte that is excreted. As a high potassium electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite® provides cattle with a source for quick supplementation. Bovine BlueLite® can be added to water, in the TMR, or top dress on feed. For use during heat stress events, supplement a few days before temperatures rise and continue to use during heat stress periods.