BlueLite® Replenish M for Calves by TechMix

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By TechMix


BlueLite® Replenish M for Calves

Available in Cases of 12 Single Doses

1 Gallon Size (32 Doses)

55 Gallon Drum (call/text for availability - 816-806-5999)

BlueLite® Replenish M for Calves is a liquid, buffered electrolyte providing hydration support for scouring alves.  Calf diarrhea or scours continues to be a major health problem in calves less than 2 months of age. When treating calves with scours, the use of oral rehydration products is an important tool for calf raisers. Scouring calves are depleted of essential nutrients which need to be replenished. Based on science, BlueLite® Replenishᴹ has optimal strong ion difference, osmolarity, and blood alkalinizing agents. The future of your herd depends on calf recovery, performance and productivity – help replenish lost nutrients during scours with BlueLite® Replenishᴹ! 

When to Use: 

  • Recommended for scouring calves
  • Calves slow to drink milk
  • Calves showing signs of weakness and stress

Key Benefits

  • Meets recommendations of a scouring calf Oral Rehydration Electrolyte Solution set by Geof Smith, (DVM NCSU)
  • Provides 2 alkalinizing agents to buffer the blood of the calf, addressing the number one cause of scours mortality
  • Shelf stable
  • Nutrient-dense liquid – means no bridging caking
  • Included pump makes it easy to measure and prepare
  • No mixing means less labor for farm staff

Directions For Use

Gallon Jug:
  • Provide 120 ml or 4 fluid ounces of liquid BlueLite Replenishᴹ into every 2 quarts of water (preferably warm) consumed on a daily basis. In all feeding situations provide fresh water on a free-choice basis. For optimal recovery, feed for duration of scouring event.
  • 32 doses per gallon jug

Single Dose: 

  • Add entire bottle (4 oz) into every 2 quarts of water (preferably warm).