Bag Balm® Skin and Teat Moisturizing Antiseptic Ointment for Cattle

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Bag Balm® Skin and Teat Moisturizing Antiseptic Ointment

3 Sizes Available 

With just 5 ingredients, Bag Balm is a tried and true favorite around the farm that has had the same formula for more than 100 years, Bag Balm is loaded with lanolin to help soothe small cuts, scratches, rashes, chapping and skin abrasions.  Also contains a mild antiseptic to help kill germs. Softens and moistens skin.  Used in Milking Barns, Horse Barns, Cattle Ranches, and works well for pets too.

Benefits Include

  • Applied to cuts and abrasions Bag Balm forms a protective barrier to seal moisture in and germs out
  • Used to protect the sensitive skin on the udder of most species
  • Treats cracked heels and may also be used around the coronet band to condition hooves
  • Alcohol-free, no-sting formula is made with Petrolatum to moisturize and Lanolin to soothe and soften.
  • Soothes and protects the sensitive skin of pets with this incredibly versatile, long-lasting moisturizer.
  • Perfect for treating chafed, cracked, damaged skin on pets of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Helps to calm hot-spots irritated by constant licking
  • Uniquely formulated to discourage pets from licking it
  • Proudly made in Vermont, USA using just four simple ingredients that have remained unchanged since 1899.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Lanolin, Paraffin, and 8-Hydroxyquinoline-Sulfate 0.3%, and Water.

Labeled for use in cattle.  May be used on other animals as well.  By Vermont's Original.