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Manna Pro

Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula for Horses

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Advanced Cetyl M® Manna Pro Joint Action Formula for Horses

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Promotes healthy joint function in horses

3 Sizes

5.1 lb Granules (60 Scoops - 60 Day Supply)

11.2 lb Granules (130 Scoops - 130 Day Supply

22.4 lb Granules (264 Scoops - 264 Day Supply)

The proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients in Advanced CetylM® Joint Action Formula for Horses is carefully designed to benefit both active and older horses.  

Each 2 scoop serving contains:  
5500 mg Cetyl Myristoleate
3000 mg glucosamine-HCl
3000 mg MSM
1000 mg vitamin C

Plus other vital nutrients in a palatable apple and molasses-flavored base. This formula is an excellent supplement to aid in joint health, mobility, immune system health and a healthy hair coat for all horses. It contains all-natural ingredients, can be used along with other medication and has shown no known negative side effects.
Feed 2 scoops twice daily for 10-30 days, then 1 scoop once daily as a maintenance dose. Highly palatable.  Just mix with feed or grain.

Benefits of Feeding Advanced Cetyl M®

  • Recommended by Top Veterinarians and Showmen
  • Formulated with Cetyl Myristoleate, MSM, Vitamins and Fatty Acids to support joint health, mobility, stride, healthy hair coat and sheen
  • Highly Palatable Formula contains apple and molasses flavoring
  • No Prescription Needed

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