RumaStart® Capsules for Cattle

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By VanBeek

RumaStart®  Capsules

Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

By VanBeek Natural Science

RumaStart Capsules supply vitamins, minerals, probiotics and electrolytes to support nutritional levels in beef and dairy cattle. 

Features Include

Contains enzymes to help break down feed and direct-fed microbials to assist in digestion.
  • Provides the animal with live bacteria for the rumen
  • Assists in breaking down feed into nutrients required for growth and production
  • Contains macro, micro, and chelated trace minerals to assist with rumen function.  Provides the animal with live, active dry yeast which utilizes oxygen, provides B-vitamins, proteins and nutrients
  • Contains vitamins required by the animal for proper maintenance and growth Delivers high levels of Vitamin E which is required to maintain immune system and for reproductive performance.
  • Provides niacin which may assist the liver in lowering NEFA (non-esterified fatty acids) levels Assist the animal with replenishing fluid loss and restoring acid/base balance in the tissue and blood.