First Defense® Bolus for Beef or Dairy Calves by ImmuCell

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First Defense® for Beef or Dairy Calves

by ImmuCell

Available in 5 Bolus or 30 Bolus Size

First Defense Technology uses hyperimmunized colostrum derived antibodies to help fight scours in calves.  These antibodies aid in the reduction of morbidity and mortality from calf scours caused by K99+ E. coli and coronavirus. One dose administered as soon as possible after birth (within 12 hrs) offers immediate immunity.  The antibodies bind to and neutralize E. coli and coronavirus disease antigens, delivering instant immunity without putting vaccination stress on the newborn. Instantly delivers the passive antibodies newborn calves need to prevent scours while removing reliance on the common variable vaccine response of dam and calf level vaccines. One dose administered at birth gives each calf a guaranteed level of protection from E. coli and coronavirus infections.  Also available in powder form.  Available on the drop down menu with or without the balling/bolus gun.  

For more information, the science behind the product, and in-depth resources on calf health, visit the First Defense Calf Health website at:  First Defense (

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