Finish Line™ Gastrix™ Extra Strength Gastric Aid Liquid for Horses



Finish Line™ Gastrix™ Extra Strength

Veterinarian Recommended Gastric Aid for Horses

GASTRIX™ is a unique vitamin/botanical/mineral liquid supplement formulated to help promote a healthy stomach and digestive system in the horse.

GASTRIX™ is Veterinary-tested and endorsed. It is also the most cost-effective product that promotes a healthy hindgut as well as foregut. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ascorbic acide, MSM, Apple pectin, Brewers yeast, Grape seed extract, Zinc gluconate,

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera concentrate, apple cider vinegar, cabbage powder, dong quai root powder, red ginseng, guar gum, gum Arabic, honey, deglycerrized licorice root powder, lemon juice, natural and artificial flavors, and colors, papaya leaf, slippery elm, sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, water, xanthan gum.  #025747/#050230.