CL-Cow Replacer® Colostrum Replacer by Cuprem Inc.

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CL-Cow Replacer®

IgG Colostrum Replacer

Case of 12 Individual Servings

CL-Cow Replacer® is a colostrum replacement product recommended to be fed to newborn beef and dairy calves.  This product is designed to be fed for the first day of life. Suitable for orphan calves or calves staying on the cow that may not have received adequate colostrum.

Colostrum provides important nutrients that are critical to the immune system health of newborn calves.  Administer with a feeding bottle, nipple pail or esophageal feeder.  

Day 1 Nutrition for Newborn Calves
A Colostrum supplement + complete 1st day feeding for newborns. Fortfied with probiotics for intestinal health and immune defense. A must for cold, weak or lethargic calves. 

•Designed to help the calf get 100 grams of IgGs within the first vital hours
•Mixes easily with 1 quart of warm water
•Reduces medical costs, morbidity & mortality rates
•Users have reported CL-Cow Replacer to have been a "life saver" for their calves