Calf Renova® Probiotic Supplement by TechMix

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By TechMix

Calf Renova® Probiotic Supplement 

Non-antibiotic alternative for scours/enteric health issues in calves

36 Bolus Size

Medium Size Balling Gun Included

Easy-to-use Calf Renova Capsules contain essential oils, yeast and probiotics to help reduce harmful bacteria in scouring calves and helps to restore the gut microbiome. Natural antimicrobial effect. Powerful antioxidant for immune enhancement. Quickly address enteric health issues and help support recovery by enhancing intestinal microflora and encouraging dry matter intake any time that normal digestive health has been interrupted. Contains oregano oil.  

When to use:

  • At first sign or during scouring/diarrhea
  • To help ease nutritional transitions
  • Incoming, young calves
  • With ReplenishM for additional hydration benefit
  • Medium Size Balling Gun is included

Contains min 7.75% crude protein, min 0.4% crude fat, min 5% crude fiber, min 0.1%/max 0.6% sodium and min 2.50 x 108 CFU/gm microorganisms (bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis).

Directions: During periods of or after digestive problems, give 1 capsule per calf at 3 days of age or later; repeat daily if required. Do not exceed 3 consecutive days. Pink 5 gm capsules.