Ultra Start® Multi Species Milk Replacer

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Ultra Start®Multi Species Milk Replacer

for Calves, Foals, and Small Livestock

Ultra Start® Multi-Species Milk Replacer is a high quality multi-purpose milk replacer for beef and dairy calves, pigs, foals, lambs, kids, llamas, fawns, and elk calves. Made from 100% milk proteins for superior digestibility and optimum performance. Contains 24% protein and 24% fat and is fortified with balanced levels of vitamins and minerals for proper nutrition. Ultra Start® may also be used as dry feed supplement to encourage feed consumption during weaning.

See photos for a complete listing of Feeding Amounts and Directions for all species.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON NEWBORN ANIMAL CARE: Every newborn animal should receive colostrum from its own mother as soon as possible after it is born to ensure maximum absorption of protective maternal antibodies. Colostrum is the first milking from the mother following birth, providing nutrients, growth factors, and immune globulin proteins that are crucial to the health and growth of the newborn. If the mother’s colostrum is not available, feed fresh cow or goat colostrum, or use Ultra Start® Multi Colostrum Supplement.  We recommend checking with your veterinarian to be sure that you are using the best product for each animal.

* Formerly Grade A Ultra 24.