First Defense® Dual-Force® Gel Scours Preventive for Beef or Dairy Calves by ImmuCell

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First Defense® Dual-Force® Gel

One-Time Scours Preventive Treatment

for Beef or Dairy Calves

Available as Single Syringe or Box of 10

*This item may be on allocation by the manufacturer during peak calving times, which restricts the amount that each seller may buy.   Contact us first before purchasing large quantities (over 10 tubes).

First Defense® Dual-Force® Gel provides specific globulin proteins to help strengthen the immune system of newborn calves. Highly concentrated and easily absorbed for immediate intestinal support and safeguard against disease. Derived from natural bovine colostrum. Ready-to-use gel is blue to ensure and trace proper dosage. Feed 1 tube per calf as soon as possible after birth. First Defense® Dual-Force® Gel is recommended for use in conjunction with a quality colostrum feeding program.

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