Calf Restart One-4® by TechMix

By TechMix


Calf Restart One-4®

by TechMix

Available in 5 oz. Bottles, or by the Case

Calf Restart One-4®  is a supplement containing highly digestible powder that provides essential nutrients, energy, and hydration for young calves who are dehydrated, energy deficient, slow starters, undersized or underfed.

For a young calf, dehydration and weight loss can happen very quickly.  Make recovery easier for nutrient deficient calves by providing a quick boost of energy and electrolytes. Calf Restart One-4® contains electrolytes, amino acids, plasma proteins, beneficial bacteria, and multiple sources of energy in a readily digestible milk base. Calf Restart One-4® is available in easy-to-use drench bottles or in a powdered form for administration with milk replacer, milk, or water.  For years, producers have relied on Calf Restart One-4® to provide dehydrated calves with the nutrients necessary to return to optimum health. 

When to Use: 

  • To balance the digestive system using beneficial bacteria
  • For energy deficient and dehydrated calves
  • During periods of cold stress
  • Add to milk to provide additional energy and nutrients

The combination product for calves that need hydration and energy, Calf Restart One-4® is an easy-to-use, multi-functional electrolyte.

Key Benefits

  • Fortified with vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics  
  • Multi-functional supplemental blend that provides essential nutrients to the energy deficient or dehydrated calf  
  • Helps to optimize calf hydration
  • Encourages feed and water intake  
  • Easy-to-use in a drench bottle or pail

Directions For Use

Mix 5 ounces of Calf Restart One-4® with warm milk or water and provide to calf. Calf Restart One-4® may be fed every 6-8 hours as needed.  

 Single Dose Drench Bottle:
To provide Calf Restart One-4® using a drench, mix 5 ounces of product with 8-12 ounces of warm water and slowly drench.

  • Fill bottle to the bottom of the neck with warm water, shake well, position bottle neck to side of calf’s mouth and slowly drench.