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Woolover NZ

Woolover® Calf Blanket 3 Sizes New Zealand Wool Calf Covers

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Woolover® Calf Blanket

Water Resistant, Made of New Zealand Wool, Reusable Calf Blanket

Small (70-99 lbs)

Medium (100-120 lbs)

Large (120+ lbs)

The reviews are great for these calf blankets!  Producers have told us that they are a great value, they have reused them for months and they like the fact that they are easy to wash and help wick moisture away from the calf.  They pay for themselves with the first calf saved.  Sold in boxes of 10.

Woolover® Calf Blankets are from New Zealand.  They feature 70% real New Zealand premium wool.  Woolover® Calf Blankets help get calves off to a warm, dry, healthy start during cold winter weather. Benefits include:

  • Real New Zealand Wool helps calves to retain natural body heat
  • Effective in cold, wet, windy conditions
  • Designed to breathe and to help avoid condensation
  • Elastic leg straps ensure an easy, secure fit 
  • Easy to use - takes just a few seconds to put on the calf
  • Does not interfere with cow/calf bonding
  • Front leg holes may be cut to fit or opened completely
  • Velcro leg straps secure around hind legs
  • Velcro belly strap
  • Velcro straps help to keep blanket from turning
  • Wool adjusts to fluctuating temperatures
  • Full coverage of calf's chest helps to keep vital organs warm
  • Can be re-used on up to 8 calves for a period of 3-4 weeks each
  • Wash in cold, soapy water, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry
  • Sizes Small (70-99 lbs), Medium (100 - 120 lbs), Large (120+ lbs)


  • Small has a 29" spine and 18" drop on each side
  • Medium has a 30" spine and 19.5" drop on each side
  • Large has a 31" spine and a 21" drop on each side

Woolover® animal covers are the natural thermal protector to help promote animal growth and lower hypothermic losses.  

Helps to translate your animal's food intake into more growth rather than maintaining body heat.  

Most farmers and ranchers agree that these blankets pay for themselves with the first calf that is saved.

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