Thrush Buster® Thrush Treatment Medicine

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By Mustad

Thrush Buster® 

Thrush Treatment Medicine

THRUSH BUSTER® has become the industry standard for treating thrush.  Recommended by top farriers.  Easy to use applicator bottle.  

Thrush Buster is a thrush treatment so powerful that it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication... even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. Thrush Buster® stomps out thrush on contact. A single application not only relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush but dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection.


  • Forms a cleaner barrier and deters the penetration of dirt and manure
  • More effective than commercial preparations yet milder to sensitive tissue than bleaches, copper sulphate or turpentine
  • May also be used before applying sole pads and silicone to help toughen thin-soled feet