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Rite Start Complete Colostrum Replacer for Calves Manna Pro

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Rite Start Complete Colostrum Replacer for Calves      by Manna Pro

1 lb Serving or 

Case of 12

Rite Start Complete provides newborn calves with essential globulin proteins, assisting the calf within the first 24 hours of birth. Replaces the cow's natural colostrum and may improve survival through increased globulin protein availability. May also be fed to calves during later periods of natural stress. Features high levels of IgG (100 gms/dose) to promote a more successful passive transfer. 100% dairy-sourced, low temperature dried powder provides quick and easy preparation and feeding.
Dosage: Mix 1 packet with 2 quarts warm water. Administer immediately after birth by bottle, nipple pail or esophageal feeder.
  • 40 Grams IgG
  • Gently processed for easy absorption
  • Ensures that your calf receives an adequate supply of important proteins
  • Improves nutrition and survival outcomes compared to first milk colostrum alone

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