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Full Bucket Health

Full Bucket® Equine Athletic Formula Probiotic and Multi Vitamin

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Full Bucket®  Equine Athletic Formula

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Essential Vitamins, Yeast Beta Glucan, Biotin and Digestive Enzymes


1 Bucket (60 Servings) - Save 10% when you purchase 3 

Developed by a veterinarian, this supplement is getting great reviews and is considered to be one of the best on the market.

From the Manufacturer's Website


Most performance horse feeding programs have 100% of the required nutrition.

But... because training, travel and competition causes digestive stress, they can't absorb what they need.

So, do you pour on more vitamins & minerals - or do you FIX the problem?

Athletic Formula ingredients are more concentrated than any other and developed for the serious competitor who wants to vastly increase the performance of their horse. This optimizes the ENTIRE digestive system so your horse can extract more nutrients from your current feed program.


  • Weanlings & Yearlings: 1 scoop a day on feed.
  • Adult Horses: 2 scoop twice daily on feed.

PACKAGE DETAILS - 60 Servings, 8 lbs / 3.6 kg Bucket

SERVING SIZE - 59.6 gm each scoop


    • Probiotics - 8 of the most scientifically tested probiotics to help fight pathogens and improve fermentation in the gut.
    • Prebiotics - to feed good microbes & improve digestive process.
    • Essential Vitamins - this mix designed for energy & stamina.
    • Yeast Beta Glucan - to help fight fungi & mold that gets into your horse.
    • Biotin - for hoof support.
    • Digestive Enzymes - to improve gut digestion.

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